The SIC FLUX was born pain, misery, disappoint and failure to bring sonic pleasure, brilliance and the underworld to life in raw form.

The pained, resurrected life and voice of Block McCloud melded with ROCK in its purest form creating a heaven sent demon spawn of music. The SIC FLUX emergence from NYC's underground/indie scene is an event of revelatory proportions foreseen in ancient apocalyptic texts found in the Myan and Galapagos ruins.

The spiritual magnetism of Block's sub-terrainian energy drew the Life force known as Mikey Guitars and SIC FLUX was born, born of fire and brimstone.

Sal G, lead guitarist was another lost soul unwittingly drawn to the energy created by Rojay and McCloud, renewing his lease on life at the end of another long road.

Drummer, Joe Xanix was quickly added after wandering in on a song writing session, claiming no knowledge of how he got there, saying only that he was "drawn".

Uncle Freddie, a veteran bassist and Underground emcee, Just-One round out the SIC FLUX, bringing together an eclectic and eccentric group of musicians, writers and artists, bent on delivering their message in bitter or better times.